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  [2] World Party Statute Toshio Suzuki 2002/Nov/9(Sat) 12:44

[2] World Party Statute
 Toshio Suzuki  - 2002/Nov/9(Sat) 12:44 -

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   World Party Statute

"World Party Statute"

This is a page for discussion on the World Party Statute. Drafts and ideas for World Party Statute and Bylaw are published. Members and non-members are welcome to write comment.

My comments:

Mr. Zeng Zuqing, World Party China, insists to unify the ideology for World Party. But there is no ideology that is universal enough as the ideology of international party for the World Government. In Japan, USA, and many eastern European countries, socialism is not acceptable. And in China, liberalism in western country is not acceptable.

Mr. Zeng Zuqing, World Party China, insists to give votes to members considering his native country?s population. Population of each country is considered in a Bylaw.

Dr. Mohammad Amin, World Party Pakistan, insists that party convention is held on the internet. But if the World Party is formal party, we must discuss at the meeting.

Dr. Mohammad Amin, World Party Pakistan, wrote

************************************** The below is by Dr. Amin

2. Basic object of World Party is to establish the World Government and deal with the international issues that each government cannot solve for itself. (In addition issues in each country for which present rulers can not solve for its peoples).

************************************** The above is by Dr. Amin

I think this is good. His idea is incorporated in my draft.

My rough comment is the above. It will take a long time to complete the constitution.

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