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  [36] Second World Party Convention guest 2013/May/30(Thu) 9:54

[36] Second World Party Convention
 guest  - 2013/May/30(Thu) 9:54 -

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           Dear World Citizen,

        I would like you to inform about the Second World Party Convention in 2015.   The World Party is an international political party dedicated to the establishment of the World Federation and the World Government.   For further detail, please see


        The Convention is, regardless of the number of participants, valid as far as it is announced at least 1 year before the Convention.   Members registered with the World Party at least 1 year before the Convention can participate in the Convention as the official delegates.
        The venue of the Convention has not been decided yet.   So, I would like you to join the World Party and host the Convention in your country.   The First Convention was held in Ghana in 2011.   I will invite a member from Ghana to the Second Convention.   I want to hold the Convention in a country other than Japan because the international cooperation is the source of the authority of the World Party.
        I would like you to consider this plan.

                                                                           Yours Sincerely
                                                                           Toshio Suzuki

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