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  [3] Mahatma Gandhi Initiative Suzuki 2002/Nov/18(Mon) 9:48

@@ [7] From United Kingdom Suzuki 2003/Mar/4(Tue) 12:18

[7] From United Kingdom
 Suzuki  - 2003/Mar/4(Tue) 12:18 -

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   Dear Friend,

Here, I introduce a mail which was sent into the mailing list
Title: Boycott American Products!! Don't Attack Iraq!!
Date: 21 February 2003

                                                                           Yours sincerely
                                                                           Toshio Suzuki

World Government Institute, World Party, & World Citizen Network
Institute, Party, and Network to establish the World Government

*********************** The below is his mail.

        Dear Reader,

        Since George W. Bush became the (unelected?) president of the United States of America, he has ruthlessly pursued policies encouraging violent aggression towards other nations. He is acting against the will of the international community in matters of global peace, the environment and social justice, and seeks to reduce corporate accountability at the expense of the welfare of people around the world.

        The US government now threatens to lead the world down the path towards World War III, and it is now that we must take the strongest action to halt them.


        Boycott American products!

        Please read the rest of this email and then sign the petition at the bottom to let Bush and the US government know exactly why their economy is going to start falling through the floor. Please forward this email to everyone you can think of and then take the action it suggests.

        ---- Boycott American Products!!   ----

        Consumer choice is consumer power!   If you don't like the unethical behaviour of a company, you can refuse to buy its products.   The same goes for entire nations - if you don't like what the USA is doing in the world, stop buying its products until it changes its ways.   The power we have as consumers over the USA is huge!   Every year the US exports products and services worth around US$1000 billion.   That's products and  services that ultimately we, the consumers around the world, buy from the USA.   That means we have control over about 10% of the entire US economy.   If we exercise our consumer power and cut that figure down to something smaller, the US government will soon take notice and listen to what we have to say!   WE DON'T WANT WAR!!

        It is time that every one of us undertakes to systematically refuse to purchase ANY product produced by an American-owned firm, be it as part of your daily supermarket shopping, your petrol, your Internet Service Provider, your soft drinks, your junk food, your clothes, your computers, your cars...   This is in most cases going to be no great difficulty - there is competition in almost everything we buy, and switching to non-American brands will usually be simple.

        Not sure just which products come from US companies?   Have a look a bit further down for a list of some that are.   It's by no means a comprehensive list, so keep your mind alert when choosing what you buy (and remember, that covers anything and everything you buy)!

        ---- Sign the petition!! ----

Sign the petition which you'll find at the bottom of this email - just add your name, city and country after the last name in the list - this lets the US government know why your boycotting their country's products.

        Even if you don't want to sign the petition, please follow the next step:

        ---- Forward this email!! ----

Forward this email to everyone you know, so that this action can grow and grow until the USA is forced to respond to the wishes of the people!

        ---- Some products to boycott that come from US companies ----

        Some products to avoid - don't forget the obvious ones - boycotting the big-selling brands will have among the biggest effects!   There are a fair few listed below, but if you want to find more, visit , select your language and country you live in under the 'Shopping' tab, and there are literally hundreds of products broken down by category, with the ownership of firms producing each one clearly listed.   So get boycotting! (NB. were in no way involved in the production of this email).

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Doctor Pepper, Pepsi (Seven Up, owner of Quaker Oats and Tropicana) Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken Asda (now owned by WalMart) Nike, Reebok, Ford (owns Volvo too!), General Motors (Vauxhall, Opel), Esso, Budweiser, Carling, Carte Noire, Douwe Egberts, Kenco, Jacobs, Maxwell House Washing powders: Aerial, Bold, Daz, Dreft, Fairy American Express Disney and all its products, AOL (America Online), Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Campbell Soup, Kelloggs cereals, Kraft Foods (producers of Bird's custard, Dairylea, Suchard, Cote D'Or, Dover, Estrella, Vegemite, Philadelphia cream cheese, Suchard, Milka, Terry's chocolate, Toblerone) Mars Inc (Mars Bars, Opal Fruits, Revels,   Bounty, Skittles, Bekkies, M&Ms, Milky Way, Snickers, Tunes, Galaxy chocolate, Maltesers, Starburst, Twix, Dolmio, Uncle Ben's, pet foods: Folic, KiteKat, Pedigree, Sheba, Whiskas)

        ---- Not convinced Bush and his government are so bad?   Then read on! ----

        Just a few of Bush's achievements in his few short years in power include:

* Keeping stockpiles of nuclear weapons of mass destruction whilst being the only country to have ever used them (to attack Japanese civilians in WWII)
* Rejected an international accord to enforce the 1972 treaty banning germ warfare;
* Pushed for development of "mini-nukes" designed to attack deeply buried targets - a violation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty;
* Continues to push for the development of the new Star Wars programme of an orbiting 'defense' shield;
* Now threatens to invade Iraq, possibly without the approval of the United Nations, weakening the role and ability of the UN to protect the international peace and security in future and demonstrating the US is prepared to pursue its own agenda around the world regardless of the wishes of other nations.

* Blocked attempts to allow the poorest African nations to manufacture cheap copies of anti-AIDS drugs, on the grounds that protecting the patents of multinational pharmaceutical companies is more important than helping the 28 million adults and children infected with HIV and AIDS in Africa alone.
* In the USA, cut by 86% the Community Access Programme, which coordinated car for people without health insurance;
* Prohibited any federal aid going to international organisations providing abortion counselling and services for family planning;
* Threatened to shut down the White House AIDS office;
* Nominated civil rights opponent Terrance Boyle, to a federal judgeship.

* Refused to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol, the most comprehensive ever international agreement to attempt to improve the environment by setting up a trading scheme to efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the world;
* Cut federal funding into renewable energy sources by 50 percent;
* Broke his campaign promise to invest US$100 million per year in rainforest conservation;
* Cut US$500 million from the US Environmental Protection Agency budget;
* Then made Monsanto (the GM crop developer) executive Linda Fisher the deputy Administrator of the same Environmental Protection Agency;
* Announced plans to allow oil drilling in Montana's Lewis and Clark
National Forest;
* Nominated various sceptics and opponents of environmental legislation, oil and coal lobbyists to senior government positions;
* Proposed the opening up of the Alaska Wildlife Preserve to oil and gas extraction;
* Approved controversial plans to allocate near shore oil and gas development rights off Florida's coast. (Kind thanks to Michael Moore for most of the above - see Stupid White Men Chapter 2, 'Dear George', for a fuller list of Bush's proud achievements NB. Michael Moore also had no part in this email).

        ---- THE PETITION! ----

        (If there are more than 500 names in the list below then please send a copy to George Bush at , and to the United Nations at - it is vital that the US remains accountable to the UN, as no other organisation can police such rogue states, so tell them your views!

        We, the undersigned, are opposed to the actions of the United States Bush government as detailed in this email, and to any war against Iraq.   Furthermore, we are exercising our power are citizens of the world, and are boycotting all products made by American corporations until such time that the US government stops acting against the will of the international community in matters of global peace, the environment and social justice, and becomes an equal member of this community, rather than attempting to dictate to it.

1) Andrew Franks, London, UK
2) Toshio Suzuki, Tokyo, Japan

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