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  [49] Fund for Election guest 2017/Sep/29(Fri) 13:44

[49] Fund for Election
 guest  - 2017/Sep/29(Fri) 13:44 -

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           Dear World Citizen,

        As reported in many medias, problem of Rohingya people is serious.   On the other hand, in Bangladesh, there is a problem of Buddhist people.   They are often attacked and killed by Muslim people.   So one policy is possible.   The World Party Bangladesh should insists on the policy to stop the attack to Buddhist people in Bangladesh.   At the same time, the World Party Bangladesh should insist on the policy to stop the attack to Rohingya people in Myanmar and give them the nationality of Myanmar.
        The World Party has a plan to send fund for election to branch.   Needless to say, certain condition must be fulfilled.   The plan is written in

"World Party Monthly Report"

Sending fund for election from abroad will be very difficult.   It will take time to implement it.

        Yours Sincerely
        Toshio Suzuki

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