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[12] Good and Evil of Nations: On the Dispatch of Troop to Iraq
 Suzuki  - 2004/Apr/11(Sun) 14:42 -

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   This article was written as part of forecast for the age 20 years after.   It is 20 years after from now on, so it is a forecast until 2023.



Good and Evil of Nations: On the Dispatch of Troop to Iraq

        Let me write my private opinion, from the viewpoint of traditional Good and Evil of nations, on the issue of dispatch of troop to Iraq in recent days.   Here, nations mentioned are white people, especially, Anglo-Saxon and Japanese.   We can think that not only these two nations but also each nation in the world has its proper Good and Evil.
        What is the Good of the Whites?   After all, it seems that the Whites contributed to the development of science and established the democracy though it is in limited parts of world.   Without these contributions by the Whites to science and politics in modern times, it seems that the world is still in the situation before the Industrial Revolution.   On the other hand, what is the Evil of Whites?   It seems to be the cruelty which exploits others mercilessly for their own benefits.   The Evil of Whites is, for example, the slave hunting.   The Whites captured many salves in Africa, sent them to North and South America etc., forced them to obey by whip, and drove them hard to their death.   This is a past history but the spirit has not changed even now.   Basic spirit of occupation of Iraq by USA and UK, which is a current topic, is the exploitation.   Their object is the oil deposit of Iraq which is the second largest in the world.   In a word, we can say that the Good of Whites is "The Good of God" and the Evil is "The Evil of Devil."
        Then, what are the Good and Evil of Japanese?   The Good can be said that Japanese take in better things in the world as soon as possible, develop new technology which enable us to produce cheaply many products like cars or electric appliances, and supply the products to world.   Then, what is the Evil?   It is that Japanese, being dazzled by short term benefits, do not think long term benefits of world as a whole.   Manchurian Incident can be cited as a typical event.   In 1931, Japan triggered off the Manchurian Incident and occupied Manchuria.   China, responding to this, appealed to the League of Nations (hereafter, League).   On the other hand, in Japan, Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was murdered in the 5.15 Incident in 1932.   The League, accepting the appeal of China, dispatched the Lytton Investigation Committee to Manchuria and, considering the report of the Committee, passed, with 42 in favor: 1 against (1 is Japan): 1 abstention, the advisory opinion toward Japan which required the withdrawal from Manchuria and other concessions.   But Japan withdrew from the League in 1933.   And, Japan concluded the Japan-Germany-Italy Anti-Comintern Pact in 1937 and the Japan-Germany-Italy Triple Military Alliance in 1940.   It can be thought that if Japan followed the advisory opinion of the League, did not withdraw from the League, and did not conclude the Pact and Alliance with Germany and Italy, Germany and Italy only could not open a large-scale war.   Indeed, giving up Manchuria would have been a big loss for Japan at that time.   But, in later war, the war yielded enormous losses such that major cities were burnt-out by air raid and two cities were bombed by atomic bomb.   This can be said for the Iraq issue of present age also.   USA and UK attacked and occupied Iraq without resolution of United Nations.   Japan supported USA though the troop implemented only logistic assistance.   Would USA have opened the war, if Japan had objected to the war like Germany and France?   There is an opinion that "If we team up with the Anglo-Saxons, we do not draw the joker (If we cooperate with the Anglo-Saxons, we do not fail)."   Is it true?   Japan invaded Korea and Manchuria and withdrew from the League for the sake of immediate benefits.   Still now, many Korean and Chinese people hate wartime behavior of Japanese.   As for the case of Iraq, Japan supports USA not for justice but for immediate benefits.   Namely, if Japan objects to USA, various sanctions by USA will bring various damages to Japanese economy.   But, the more Japan supports USA which has no justice, the more Japan will in due time loose confidence of Islamic countries and be hated.   In the long run, loss may be greater than benefit.   It is the repetition of history since Manchurian Incident.   The withdrawal from the League and the support of USA in Iraq attack are common in the point that both actions ignored the League and United Nations for the sake of immediate benefits.   We must say that the spirit has not changed even now.   Incidentally, here, of course benefits include not only economic benefits but also spiritual benefits like getting confidence and friendly relation.   From now on, we must watch the benefit and loss of dispatch of troop to Iraq comparing them with the result of Manchurian Incident and withdrawal from the League.
        Then, how can we call the Good and the Evil of Japanese?   We can call them "Good of Hard Worker" and "Evil of Savage."   When we think about the policy of state, we should analyze the situation exactly and have a long-term vision.   At the Manchurian Incident, withdrawal from the League was not the only way possible.   Dispatch of troop to Iraq is also not the only way possible.   To withdraw from the League or to ignore the United Nations, being dazzled by the immediate benefits and losing the long term vision, are the Evils of Savage.   And it can be said also that the Evil of Savage caused the World War II.   We cannot deny that the dispatch to Iraq will aggravate the international situation and triggered off the World Terrorism War in which terrorist attacks break out all over the world.
        But, we must say that it is difficult for the government of a country to adopt the policy which gives priority to the benefits of world as a whole by sacrificing its own benefits.   In a word, every one loves himself rather than others.   Therefore, international organizations such as United Nations become necessary.   After all, policy of Japan should not be to follow USA but to respect United Nations.   Recently, ICC (International Criminal Court) has started.   At the time of December 2003, 92 countries have ratified the statute.   Although there is not actual movement of World Parliament yet, the movement is promoted by some people.

                                                                           Toshio Suzuki

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