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 YAHOOIE ZANZABAR  - 2004/Jul/21(Wed) 0:22 -

No Citation
One No and a Million Yeses

A Day of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience and Direct Action
During the Republican National Convention

The Republicans are coming. In a shameless effort to exploit the tragedy of 9-11, they will use New York City to re-nominate a president whose agenda tramples on the very freedoms they claim to fight for. A radical affront to democracy calls for a radical response. On Tuesday, August 31st, a day of non-violent civil disobedience and direct action will begin, commencing with a synchronized Shout Heard Round the World.

As clocks strike 12pm, 2 days before the re-nomination of George W. Bush, the people of the world will shout NO with one voice. From Brooklyn to Baghdad, London to Lisbon, Seoul to Sao Paulo, we'll honk car horns, blow trumpets, bang drums, pots and pans and shout NO at the top of our lungs.

Here in New York, we will converge on Madison Square Garden, the site of the Republican National Convention, and at other locations around the city where the ill-gotten gains of Republicans will be celebrated. We will sit down in the streets and refuse to move. And from our clear NO will emerge a constellation of YESES: YES to democracy, YES to justice, freedom, and peace. We'll take over the streets--transforming them into stages of resistance and forums for debate. We'll draw our examples and inspiration from the brave shapers of history who came before us - those who put their bodies on the line to gain the vote, win independence, end apartheid. We will harness the spirit that puts our city at the center of the world: creativity, ingenuity, social conscience, grit. We will show the world what real democracy looks like.

We're ready to say "Enough!" We want more than speeches and protest pens. We want change. We want to take democracy from the Halliburtons and Enrons and bring it back to town halls, schools, and neighborhoods. A true democracy thrives on diversity: and, while we celebrate our differences, we stand united in our opposition to the dismantling of our dreams, united in our opposition to the dangerous direction of things. In this we make common cause with the people of the world.

It's time to plot a new course, to wrench out a new kind of history--one of solidarity and participation, of compassion and wisdom. On August 31, 2004, we will begin to forge a new kind of story. Anything is possible. We will shape history. The only limit is the boundary of our collective imagination.

We say NO to War, Hate, Greed and Lies

The Whole World is Watching, Together We'll Make History.

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