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[16] USA to lock all incoming!
 Gary Pollard  - 2004/Nov/28(Sun) 8:00 -

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   The USA on the 1st. of Jan. 2005 will lock it's borders and stop all incoming flights. All oil from out side the USA will not be needed. (protester should goto the Iran to stop drillen.)
USA will pull all it's armys to protect our borders at all cost from those who are not rated as pro USA!
USA can stand on it's own! Always!
:protester within our border will need to move out at the cost of the USA.
   (USA to pay all cost for moving those with papers. With out will be jailed untill there country pays for their export.)

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  [16] USA to lock all incoming! Gary Pollard 2004/Nov/28(Sun) 8:00  <<

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