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[18] Cancer Treatment: Helpful or Harmful? ----
 chenyu  - 2005/May/20(Fri) 14:46 -

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   Cancer Treatment: Helpful or Harmful? ----the human immunity is important in against disease

Cancer is a malignant tumour,not a benign is an incurable disease; the patient moves towards the death finally like the rotten tree. Medical treatment in cancer is only a blind experiment. It can't prolong the patient's life. It is harmful to the human body and accelerates the patient's death instead.

Cancer is formed when the mutant cell reproduces greatly. The latest views suggest that cancer cells produce all the time in human life. Usually it hasn't enough time to reproduce before it be killed by the human body's immune system. However, if the human immune system is weak the cancer cells reproduce rapidly and the cancer tumor forms. For example a country, if its military strength is very weak a rebel insurgency can develop rapidly and overthrow its government.

At present treatment to cancer included: The operation, medicine chemotherapy, Radiotherapy(radioactive rays), and the traditional Chinese medicine with superstition color. Operation chemotherapy and radiotherapy is a harmful treatment.while it works to kill cancer cells,it also unfortunately kill many healthy cells. They can't remove the cancer tumor, but destroy the human body greatly. This harmful treatment reduces the immune function of the human further, creating more opportunity for the cancer tumor's reproduction . And the traditional Chinese medicine comfort patient by psychology. It is harmful to the human body to take the traditional Chinese medicine in a large amount.

It is important to strengthen our body's immune system. Polluted food, water and air are harmful to our immunity and all fountion in our body.protecting environment is to protect our health. A fine natual environment free of pollution is the best precaution against cancer,and the best treatment to prolong the cancer patient's life.

I like to live in a small house around plants trees.oppose private car.oppose high consumption.appeal all over the world people pay attention to china's serious environment problem.
ADDRESS:people hospital.huangchuan County.henan Province.china. code:465150
home telephone:008603973923000

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