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[23] Re:Mahatma Gandhi Initiative
 Suzuki  - 2007/Oct/1(Mon) 22:06 -

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   >Ms./Mr. Karadi:

        Dear Friend,

        Thank your very much for posting.   Now, this forum has been set so as to forbid the posting which included URL in order to prevent spam posting.   If you want to post the URL, please contact us by E-mail.   This time, I introduce the URL of your site.

"Karadi Tales - Gandhi Special Offer"

        We are aiming to establish World Federation and World Government.   World Federation is the worldwide federation of independent countries.   World Government is the central government of World Federation.   World Government administers only the military force, currency, and issues which individual country cannot solve for itself.   Other matters such as religion, economic system like liberalism or communism, science, business, art, etc. are left free to each country.   So, even if China and Japan join the World Federation, China can remain under communism and Japan can remain under liberalism.   As a first step, we are aiming to establish the World Parliament which has no legislative power like European Parliament.

                                                                           Yours sincerely,
                                                                           Toshio Suzuki

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