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[46] A new paper "Einstein's Time"
 guest  - 2016/Dec/3(Sat) 15:37 -

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           Dear World Citizen,

        I wish this announcement will find you are doing very well.   A new paper

"Einstein's Time"

has been published.

Basic thought of this paper is written in

" Soul Federation" .

I wrote this paper to explain my thought in a short paper.   This paper aims to show a new idea on the time.   Here, the time means the time in a sense of common sense or the time of the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein (1879-1955).   It is famous that in the Einstein's theory of relativity, when an object moves at a speed close to the light speed, the time mostly stops.   This paper does not fundamentally deny this theory.   This paper tries to explain this phenomenon from a different point of view.   I think my thought is closer to the truth than Einstein's theory of relativity.

        Yours Sincerely
        Toshio Suzuki

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