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[3] Mahatma Gandhi Initiative
 Suzuki  - 2002/Nov/18(Mon) 9:48 -

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           Mahatma Gandhi Initiative

        Mahatma Gandhi led India to independence by the policy of Non-Violence & Disobedience. This policy is applicable to the present situation of world politics. Nuclear states are dominant because of their military power.   But non-nuclear states need not rely on the military power.   Non-nuclear states can unite and put sanctions against nuclear-states.   For example, non-nuclear states can put high tariff rate barrier against nuclear states. Or, they can boycott the products from the nuclear-states.   Like this, non-nuclear states can, by uniting together, insist their opinion against nuclear-states.   So this policy was named, with the respect for Mahatma Gandhi, "Mahatma Gandhi Initiative."   Of course, Mahatma Gandhi Initiative is applicable not only for the nuclear states but also for other militarily or economically powerful states.   For example, if some countries attack other countries without resolution of United Nations, products from those countries should be boycotted or trade should be restricted by tariff barrier by the Mahatma Gandhi Initiative.

        The above is a part of policy of World Party.   This is written in
"World Party" .
        Recently, USA is going to attack Iraq.   If USA attacks Iraq as the official force of United Nations, we can accept it.   But if it is done without authorization of United Nations, I will implement the Mahatma Gandhi Initiative.   Iraq has the second largest oil deposit in the world that is next to Saudi Arabia.   True intent of USA is clear.
        Furthermore, the Initiative should be implemented to the countries with tyrannical policies.   For example, the Initiative should be applied to the country with the most numerous and powerful nuclear weapons.   And, troop of USA is staying in Saudi Arabia, the country with the largest oil deposit.   This is one of the reasons for terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda.   Furthermore, policy for Palestine and Israel must be considered.

                                                                     Toshio Suzuki
                                                                  World Party Japan

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