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[53] Flag of World Party Bangladesh
 guest  - 2018/Nov/10(Sat) 12:08 -

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         Flag of World Party Bangladesh

        Dear World Citizen, Members of World Party,

        I wish you are doing very well.   Mr. Md Mahmudul Hasan, President of World Party Bangladesh, wrote as follows:

***** The below is his message *****

As per the rules of the Political Parties in Bangladesh, every political party must have an individual flag. So, the World Party Bangladesh needs an individual flag. Whereas you are the President of World Party, so I recommend you to suggest a flag for World Party Bangladesh. The flag should be influenced by the flag of World Party.

***** The above is his message *****

He needs the flag of World Party Bangladesh.   Any member of World Party can propose it.   We will decide the design of flag after some time.

Yours Sincerely
Toshio Suzuki

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