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Why World Federation?


Toshio Suzuki

Benefits of World Federation are explained

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Basic thought of this paper is written in Soul Federation. This paper was written to explain the thought in a short paper and to add results of some latest papers. Basic topic is to explain the benefits of World Federation. Basic benefits of World Federation are:

1. World Federation can reduce or prevent the war. This will lead to the reduction in death and wound of people by war, in the destruction by war, and in the military expenditure.

2. World Federation can issue the international common currency. This will lead to the removal of fluctuation of exchange rate.

3. World Federation can provide employment to all the people. This will lead to the eradication of poverty.

Among above three items, the first and the second item need not particular explanation. They are easily understood as common senses. The third item needs some explanation. This is explained in more detail in this paper.

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