Some Suggestions on Cancer and AIDS


Toshio Suzuki

18 January 1997


In this paper, some ideas on the relations among cancer, AIDS, immune system, and other diseases, a way to find the cause of cancer, a way to find the vaccine for the AIDS virus are suggested.

Basic Theory

The basic idea of these suggestions is that there exists an organ which controls the growth, maintenance, senility of body, the cancer, the immune function, and some other diseases. The organ is provisionally named the C-Controller. The reasons for assuming the C-Controller are as follows.


Regarding the maintenance of shape and function of organs, for example, the shape and the function of stomach are maintained although the cells are always renewed through the cell division. How can each sell maintain the shape and function of stomach? This is because the C-Controller controls the maintenance of stomach. Otherwise, the stomach cannot maintain its shape and function. Contrary to this, if we take a piece of skin from a body and culture it, the skin will grow without inheriting the feature of the part of body from where the skin was taken. This is because the skin is not controlled by the C-Controller.

In case of the thalidomide babies, their babies often have imperfect hands. In this case, their both hands are imperfect, not only one hand. Why both hands? Why not only one hand? This means one central organ which controls the growth of hands is damaged.

In case of dystrophy, the muscle of patient atrophies. This can be due to the malfunction of the C-Controller.

In case of the cancer, the cancer spreads from an original part to other parts. This can be due to the malfunction of the C-Controller. If the C-Controller is malfunctioning, the cancer cell cannot be controlled and so the cancer develops. Therefore, if the C-Controller recovered, the cancer which has spread over some organs will disappear.

The C-Controller may be also an organ to control the age of creature. Every creature must get old because the C-Controller gets old.

In case of the AIDS, the body of patient looses the immune function. This can be due to the malfunction of the C-Controller. The AIDS virus damages the C-Controller, so the body looses the immune function.


Thus the cancer cell, the growth, maintenance, and senility of body, the immune function, etc. are controlled by one organ. This is because these are essentially the same functions. Namely, the C-Controller controls the growth, maintenance, and senility of body according to the information from DNA. In this process, the cancer cells, the viruses, etc. are eliminated from body because their existence is not allowed by the C-Controller which functions according to the information from DNA.

If this assumption is correct, the cause of cancer can be found by the following methods. Namely, if the C-Controller is destroyed or damaged by a needle or a medicine or some other things, the cancer will develop, or the immune system will loose its function, or the dystrophy will emerge according to the way the C-Controller is damaged. So, we can find the C-Controller by damaging or destroying a part of organ of mouse one by one. For example, if an organ which is not the C-Controller is damaged or destroyed, a mouse may die, or something serious may happen, or nothing observable may happen. But, if the C-Controller is damaged or destroyed, the cancer will develop or other problems related to the C-Controller will emerge.

This is one way and another way is as follows. Namely, there must be a malfunctioning organ which is common among all the patients of cancer. So we must find it.
If this speculation is correct, two ways for the cure are possible. One is to treat the C-Controller itself. Another is to substitute the function of the C-Controller. The order from the C-Controller must be carried to each organ. So we must find how and by what this order is carried. Let us provisionally name the carrier of order the C-Carrier. So if we can produce the C-Carrier or extract it from a healthy body, we can put it into the body of patient.

Furthermore, if the senility of body is controlled by the C-Controller, even the senility will disappear or will be delayed. Namely, we extract the C-Carrier from the body of young people and put it into the body of old people. Thus the old people get younger. If this method is effective, we can control the age itself. Namely, this is the elixir of life or a medicine to prolong the life.

In this regard, we must think why every living thing must get old and die. In the human body, there are two types of organs. The organs of one type are renewed continuously through the cell division. The stomach, for example, belongs to this type. The organs of another type cannot be renewed by the cell division. The brain, for example, belongs to this type and also the C-Controller does. So it cannot be renewed and so the human being gets old. So if we can make the elixir of life by the C-Carrier, it will be able to control the organs of former type but will not be able to control the organs of latter type.

Regarding the way to find the medicine for the AIDS, following way may be effective. Namely, AIDS viruses proliferate in the human body but it may not be able to proliferate in the body of some other animals. So there are some reasons why it happens. By examining these reasons, we may be able to find the medicine or the vaccine for the AIDS.