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Time at the Light Speed


Toshio Suzuki

Essence of Time Is Explained by a New Idea Different from

Einstein's Theory of Relativity

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Basic thought of this paper is written in Soul Federation. After publishing this book, a new important idea emerged in my mind. So, I write this paper. Most part of this paper was copied from Soul Federation. So, some parts of this paper are not understandable without reading the book. To avoid this, here, such parts are explained in advance. First, I often used words such as "god" or "soul". Basically, I think the god is the soul in the Spirit World. Thus I believe in the Spirit World. Second, I wrote about Planet-Christian or Planet-Japanese. I assumed that there were Planet-Christian or Planet-Japanese. These planets were destroyed or became uninhabitable and so souls on theses planets came to Earth. I would like readers to remember these as a basic premise.

This paper aims to show a new idea on the time. Here, the time means the time in a sense of common sense or the time of the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein (1879-1955). It is famous that in the Einstein's theory of relativity, when an object moves at the light speed, the time stops and the object becomes a line. This paper does not fundamentally deny this theory. This paper tries to explain these phenomena from a different point of view.

Especially, please see "Figure 9. Field of Soul-Energy". If this figure is understood, the essence of this paper is understood. The Figure 9 is applicable at the speed lower than light. Also I wrote about god and soul. The contents of this paper have not been verified scientifically. They are results of my imagination. But, mere imagination is valuable if it is closer to the truth than conventional thoughts. I think this paper is closer to the truth than the Einstein's theory of relativity. New thoughts are often eccentric. This paper is also eccentric. But if you understand the contents, they are very interesting and important.

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