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Mahatma Gandhi Initiative

Non-Violence Movement for World Peace

Representative: Toshio Suzuki
1-158 Nakakanasugi, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, 270-0007, Japan

Mahatma Gandhi led India to the independence by the movement of non-violence. Respecting his work, this site was named the Mahatma Gandhi Initiative. Basic object of this site is to strengthen the authority of the world for peace following the non-violence. The most important existing authority is the United Nations. In the future, the World Parliament will be the supreme authority in the world politics. We are dedicated to the establishment of World Federation.

This site introduces sites that are opposed to the policies that do not respect the authority in the world politics.

We think that the worst evil in the politics of world is to invade or bomb other countries without the approval of the United Nations. For example, USA and other countries attacked Iraq and Libya without the approval of United Nations, and the regime of Iraq and Libya was destroyed. As a result, the Islamic State was born. If the most powerful country in the world respects the United Nations, other countries cannot ignore it. We would like you to introduce following sites.

1. Sites that Support the Respect for the United Nations

2. Sites that Are Aiming to the Establishment of the World Parliament, the World Federation, the World Government, etc.

3. Other Sites Hoping for the World Peace

We will set up a link to those website.

Pledge Union

World Unification Club


Article 9 Association

Peace Picture Books

家庭連合・世界平和統一家庭連合)を なぜ やめないのか?

Global Citizenship Union

Mr. Ubong Etuk


 Mr. David Shitsimi

World Citizen Network


Policy will be decided by participants. At present, the policy is not definitely decided.

World Party


International party to establish the World Federation. The World Party condemns countries that do not respect the United Nations.

World Government Institute


This is a theoretical section for the movements that aims to establish the Word Federation.

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