World Government Movement in Germany


Richard Beiderbeck

28 November 1997

The original subject of this mail from Mr. Beiderbeck is as shown below "Party for the world government." But the mail describes the situation of world government movement in Germany, so I put a title "World Government Movement in Germany."

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Subject: Party for the world government
Date: 28 Nov 1997
From: "Herr Beiderbeck" <beider!>
Organization: Lehrstuhl fuer Angew. Mineralogie
To: toshio-suzuki!

Dear Mr. Suzuki,

I was very pleased to find Your World Government Institute in the internet. I am also member of WFM. The village, where I have my house, is 50 km in the north of Munich, Germany. I was born on 8. november 1947. I am employee on the Tecnical University of Munich (no academic degree). My English is not absolutly excellent.

I have similiar thougths like you about world government an a party for the world government. For everyone, who can think logically, a world government is necessairy and the solution for the problem "How can the world get a peaceful place?"

In 1981 I joyned the Peace-Movement and the party "Die Gruenen" (The Greens, that is a ecologic party). The Greeen Party was founded 1979. Maybe next year they will be part of the German Government. The have about 10 % of the votes.

In 1986 I left the Green Party and in 1988 I tryed to found a party for the world government - but no one was interested and I did not have sucess. Maybe I tryed it not hard enough.

1989 I joyned the PANEUROPA-Union, which wants to unite the European countries. The president is Otto von Habsburg. His father was the last emporer of Austria-Hungaria.

1990 I joyned the Bayernpartei (Bavarian party). This is a small party with 1500 members. They want a own Bavarian state in a united Europe.

In 1995 I wrote to all great newspapers in Germany a letter about world Government. About 5 of them printed the letter, and in this way I came in contact with people, who are members of WFM Germany. I also found a man, who ist member of the World Federalists of Swizerland. I also found Mr. Richard Maxheim, who also wants the world Government. He is going to found next january the "World Citizens Initiative". I joyned to WFM Germany. This association has about 55 Members and is a assiciated member of WFM.

In 1996 I read in a newspaper, that in Oldenburg (North Germany, near Hamburg) a new assiociation was founded. The name was "World Citizens Association". Of course I also joined this association. This association grouw fast and has already 90 members.

I also joined an association, called "The World Federalists of Germany", which exists since a long time, but was no more active until now.

In Germany are about 180 people organized in associations, which want the world government.

Now to Your plan to found a party. I think, you have the same difficulties to find people, who want to work with You on establishing a world government. I have no final answer, how to convince the people for world government. We can only write and talk about this goal, make meetings und invite the local press - in one word: do political work.

Right now I am doing political work - but not for the world government party. Instead I spend much time for the Bavarian party. I am one of the assistants of the party leader, and if he retires, I maybe will be party leader. So I will at least learn much about political partys.

I wish much sucsess with Your institute an the Wolrd Government Party.

With best retgards

Richard Beiderbeck
Marktaeckerweg 1
85405 Nandlstadt

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Subject: Re: Party for the world government
Date: 30 Nov 1997
From: TOSHIO SUZUKI <toshio-suzuki!>
To: Herr Beiderbeck <beider!>

Dear Mr. Beiderbeck,

Thank you very much for your mail dated 28 November 1997. I could know the world government movement in Germany. I put the title "World Government in Germany" to your mail and published it in my home page. It is in the page "World Government Movement in Germany"
which is in the page "ARTICLES AND MAILS"
I have disclosed your mail without your permission. If you don't like it, please write to me. I will change it.
I admire your work. I have not tried to found a party. I am trying to get understood by people. Progress of work of this institute is written in "World Government Movement in Japan" which is in my home page. As you wrote, at present we can only write and talk. According to my plan, it can be called a success, if actual movement of establishing the World Government occurs within 20 years. Every month, home page of this institute is enlarged by the messages of new people interested in the World Government.
Please be attentive to this home page and inform this institute of movement in Germany

Yours sincerely,
Toshio Suzuki