I, director of the World Government Institute, sent a following letter and requested to write an article "World Government Movement in India." Mr. Samar Basu replied a following letter..

Toshio Suzuki
1-158 Nakakanasugi, Matsudo City,
Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Post Number 270
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24 July 1997

World Union
SG 52 Rue Desbassyns de Richmont
Pondicherry 605002

Dear Sir,

I am afraid of surprising you by writing a letter suddenly. I am carrying on the work of establishing the World Government. I have a home page on the Inter Net and my paper is shown there. Here I enclose the paper. I would like you to read it. Basic thought is to make international parties for the World Government. International party in each country has common policies on the World Government. Basic policy is to conduct an election to elect the representatives for the World Government, and the number of representatives is in proportion to population. It fights the election insisting its policy for the World Government. After it got the power, it conducts the election. As written in the paper, we will need international party for the world government. The movement of international party will not occur immediately, but I would like you to understand the thought and remember it. And I hope collaboration in the future work.
And in my site, there is an article Toshio Suzuki "World Government Movement in Japan." I enclose it also. I would like you to write an article of same type under the title "World Government Movement in India," It will be published on my home page.

Yours sincerely,
Toshio Suzuki


A non-profit non-political organisation

Sri Aurobindo Ashram,
Pondicherry - 605002
PHONE: 34834
Date: 13-08-97.

Ref. No. : 208/WU-WFM(JAPAN) /97-98

Mr. Toshio Suzuki,
1-158 Nakakanasugi,
Matsudo City,
Chiba Prefecture,
JAPAN 270.

Dear brother,

Sub: World Govt. Movement in India.

To myself it is not surprising but a very pleasant occasion, for after a gap of nearly three decades I received your loving letter of the 24th ultimo requesting Word Union's collaboration in launching World Government Movement in Japan, as also in India.
So far as I remember, I saw you for the first time in 1997 at Innsbruck, Austria or in Paris when you attended the second session of the World Constituent Assembly organised by the World Constitution and Parliament Association (W.C.P.A), Colorado, U.S.A.
As regards your proposal I like to request you kindly to apprise me if the W.F.M. has any chapter in India. If so, please let me know its address so that we may contact it and discuss the matter with its officials so that a program of work may be chalked out to initiate the Movement. Meanwhile I take this privilege to inform you that we in India are deeply thinking of unification of the three countries - India, Pakistan and Bangladesh through Confederation as the W.F.M. in Europe has been carrying forward its Movement for creating a United States of Europe. To be frank, we need guidelines from the W.F.M. in this matter.
We think that confederation of the above three countries plus the other member countries of the SAARC to become a United whole is a factor of capital importance to W.F.M. in India. Please let me have your concerted view on this.
With loving regards,
Yours fraternally
(Samar Basu)
Gen. Secy. & Treasurer.
P.S. I will let you know of our views on your paper "International Party for the World Government" after a couple of weeks.