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Relation between the World Party and each branch is customary. There is no legal relation between the World Party and each branch. The World Party and each branch is legally independent each other. The World Party and each branch cooperate customarily. This is stipulated to avoid problems in case of registration of each branch with the government office of each country. This is stipulated in the Article 11 Branch and Member in the World Party Statute.

President: Dr. Ek Raj Ojha
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World Party Nepal is a Nepalees branch of World Party. Word Party was founded in order to establish the World Federation and is composed of branches in each country. Although the basic policy of World Party is to establish the World Federation, the World Party has, like other parties, policies for actual problems. With regard to the economic system, World Party India supports the liberal economic system like those in Japan and USA. The Party constitution is World Party Nepal Statute. Relation between the World Party and the World Party Nepal is same as the relation between the World Party and other branches of World Party.

Major policies of World Party India are as follows.

Basic Policies

Establishment of World Federation

International Policies

Establishment of World Federation

Basic benefits of the World Federation are as follows.

Basic Benefits of World Federation

1. World Federation can reduce or prevent the war. This will lead to the reduction in death and wound of people by war, in the destruction by war, and in the military expenditure.

2. World Federation can issue the international common currency. This will lead to the removal of fluctuation of exchange rate.

3. World Federation can provide employment to all the people. This will lead to the eradication of poverty.

Therefore, establishing the World Federation is a political policy but, at the same time, it is the most effective economic policy. Especially, these benefits are very important for developing countries.

The policy of World Party is based on the paper "International Party for the World Government". This thought is modified in "World Parliament Statute" and "Constitution of World Federation". In "International Party for the World Government", the World Parliament is under two-chamber system. But in "World Parliament Statute" and "Constitution of World", the World Parliament is under single-chamber system. For more detail, please read each document. Following policy is a modified one from "International Party for the World Government". Basic policy is to directly elect the delegates of each country in proportion to population and send them to the World Parliament. The World Parliament is under single-chamber system, and the house has basically 1,000 members.

Process to Establish the the World Federation Is Shown in the Figure below.

For more detail, please see the page of the World Party.

Respect for the United Nations

As we can know from the bombing on Afghanistan and Iraq, USA, the most powerful country in the world, does not respect the United Nations. We can say that the respect for United Nations is the first step to the world democracy.

Mahatma Gandhi Initiative

Mahatma Gandhi led India to independence by the policy of Non-Violence & Disobedience. This policy is applicable to the present situation of world politics. Nuclear states are dominant because of their military power. But non-nuclear states need not rely on the military power. Non-nuclear states can unite and put sanctions against nuclear-states. For example, non-nuclear states can put high tariff rate barrier against nuclear states. Or, they can boycott the products from the nuclear-states. Like this, non-nuclear states can, by uniting together, insist on their opinion against nuclear-states. So this policy was named, with the respect for Mahatma Gandhi, "Mahatma Gandhi Initiative". Of course, Mahatma Gandhi Initiative is applicable not only for the nuclear states but also for other militarily or economically powerful states. For example, if some come countries attack other countries without resolution of United Nations, products from those countries should be boycotted or trade should be restricted by tariff barrier by the Mahatma Gandhi Initiative.

Domestic Policies

Being prepared.

Anyone who supports the policy of World Party can join the party. Anyone who wants to found a branch of World Party can apply for it. Information such as news, schedule of movement etc. are shown in World Party Monthly Report and other pages.

is the logo of the World Party. This has been registered with Japan Patent Office. Dark blue of background means the universe. Blue circle means the earth. Green circle means the life on the earth.

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