Policy of World Party Japan

Although the World Party Japan is an international party to establish the World Government, it has, like other parties, the policy for various actual problems. Major policies of World Party Japan are as follows.

Domestic Policy

1. Political System

The most important domestic policy of World Party Japan is to make Japan a country where democracy is maintained by the force of Japanese itself even if the US army withdraws from Japan, namely to definitely establish the democracy. As written in the top page of World Party Japan, World Party Japan aims to denounce the US-Japan Security Treaty after abolishing the Emperor System and introducing the President System. Namely, World Party Japan aims at the USA type democracy based on the separation of the three powers. For the reason why World Party Japan sets this policy as the most important one, please see the top page of World Party Japan.

2. Economic System

World Party supports the liberal economic system. Economic policy is basically same as the present policy. But the World Parliament, which World Party aims at, accepts the representatives from countries of liberalism , communism, and other thoughts. Also World Citizen Party Network accepts every thoughts.

3. Government Official System

Senior officials of government of Japan are employed through examination and interview. Once they are employed, they are usually not fired until the retirement age. Officials are very excellent people but their salary is not high. Senior officials, especially those of Ministry of Finance, are very powerful because of their official authority. They have the authority to apportion budget and give permissions or approvals, etc. So they are treated very politely by those who must receive budget, permissions, approvals, etc. So sometimes they get corrupted. They receive bribes or expensive receptions. This is due to their personal evil in a sense. But also the system is responsible for it. One of the solutions to this problem is to raise their salary and watch them more strictly. Their salary should be comparable with the income of doctors, lawyers, directors of company, etc. Instead of that, they must be watched strictly. The penalty for corruption must be appropriate to their authority and salary. An agency for that purpose should be established.

This idea of the watching agency is just an idea. This must be criticized by many people.

4 Finacial Debt and the End of Regime

The debt of government finance amounts to 140 % of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). If we look back the age when the national finance was in crisis in the history of Japan, we can see that the past age and the present age resemble very well. In the Kamakura Period (1192-1333), the Kamakura Shogunate (Japan's feudal government at Kamakura) issued the Tokuseirei (an order of cancellation of debts) in 1297. Thirty-six years later, the Shogunate collapsed in 1333. In Muromachi Period (1336-1467), Shashakus (people engaged in transport business by renting wagons), Bashakus (people engaged in transport business by renting horses), and farmers got the Tokuseirei from the Muromachi Shogunate (Japan's feudal government at Muromachi, Kyoto) in 1441. Twenty-six years later, the Ohnin Riot began in 1467 and the country entered into the Age of Civil Wars (1467-1590). In this age, Japan was in the anarchy for more than 100 years. Each country fought to unite Japan. In the Edo Period (1603-1867), Tadakuni Mizuno of Edo Shogunate (Japan's feudal government at Edo (present: Tokyo)) who implemented the Tenpo Reform from 1841 issued the Kienrei (an order of cancellations of debts) and exempted the part of debts of Hatamotos and Gokenins (direct and low-grade retainers of Shogun), and tried to extract a huge amount of government funds from merchants. These government funds were, as it were, forced public bonds because they are refunded with interest. Furthermore, he issued a great amount of money by lowering the quality, and so the inflation occurred. And 26 years later, the Shogunate collapsed in 1867. Considering these incidents, we can see that the present age resembles very well the age when a regime collapsed and a new regime emerged. Namely, in the present age, there are not only the budget deficit but also the policies such as relief of banks that cannot escape from collapse by injecting public funds and relief of major construction companies by investing fund into the public utilities. These policies can be called the Tokuseirei of present age. Banks and major construction companies can be called, considering the connection with LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), Hatamotos and Gokenins of present age. Then, if a regime is to collapse, what regime will collapse? It is the regime of LDP with the Emperor System as axis. And what regime will come? It will be the democratic regime based on the President System.

The mechanism of regime collapse can be explained as follows. Emperor System itself has been continuing, while sometime Emperor itself ruled a country or sometime appointed customarily the ruler. But the ruler of country has changed many times under the Emperor. The reason why some regimes have repeated the rise and fall is due to the fact that the Emperor System is a hereditary system. The fact that the Emperor is hereditary means that the privileged classes around the Emperor are also hereditary. For example, at the Edo Shogunate also, Shogun or Seii-Taishogun (the commander-in-chief of an expeditionary force against the barbarians) was appointed by Emperor. But there emerged a gap between the privileged classes such as Emperor, Shogun, Hatamotos and Gokenins, Daimyos (feudal lord) and other nations because the privileged classes are hereditary. The Shogunate promoted the purge of outside Daimyos (Daimyo who was not a hereditary feudatory of the Tokugawas who were the head of Edo Shogunate) and on the other hand, favored Hatamotos and Gokenins in order to maintain the regime. Inevitably, the finance of Shogunate becomes tight. The Shogunate issued the Kienrei, or recast coins and boosted the volume in order to compensate the deficit. Thus, in this process the complaint of people accumulated and the Shogunate collapsed. This can be said for the Kamakura Shogunate and the Muromachi Shogunate before the Edo Shogunate. Needless to say, in the present age, the government corresponds to the Shogunate. The government, as a policy to prevent the financial crisis, relieves the banks which are inescapable from the collapse or, as an economic package, apportions the budget of nation to unnecessary public utilities. Although banks and major construction companies are, at present, being maintained by these measures, it is going to be impossible to refund the debt of government. Furthermore, ruling party LDP is going to be unable to maintain the power alone. Although Japanese economy is in recession, financial assets of people are more than two times as large as the GDP and Japan is the largest creditor nation in the world. So, budget deficit is the responsibility of the government. LDP is, being aware of the increase in the deficit, apportioning the budget favorably into banks and major construction companies, because LDP cannot maintain the power without favoring the banks and major construction companies which are the supporting base of LDP. Whether it is the Shogunate or the government, this is repeated as far as the man of power rules a country by revering the Emperor.

Therefore, we can say that only the democracy can prevent the repetition of corruption and collapse of hereditary power structure. Here, there is another reason, other than to prevent the militarism, why we must abolish the Emperor System and introduce the President System.

International Policy

1. Political System

The basic policy of World Party is to establish the World Government. The process of establishment is written on the top page of World Party. But, at present, there is no World Government. So the principle of World Party is to respect the resolution of General Assembly of United Nations. General Assembly cannot be called a perfectly democratic World Parliament. But at present, it is closest to the World Parliament. If a permanent member state of Security Council exercises the veto, it will again verify how the United Nations is undemocratic. So we can say that the ultimate world political system is the World Government based on the World Parliament. For example, about 150 years ago, Japan was a feudal country ruled by the Edo Shogunate. If we had proposed people at that age to elect the representatives to the National Diet by election, who would have thought it is possible? But it is a common sense in the present age. Similarly, most people in the present age do not think it is possible to elect the representatives to the World Parliament by election. But in the future, it will be a common sense like the present National Diet. Thus truly valuable things are accepted without complicated theory as a common sense by society.

In most countries, tax system is the progressive tax system, and so tax rate rises according to the income level. Needles to say, this policy is to reduce the inequality among people. This thought is necessary for the international politics. Politically powerful country should reduce its power and weak country should improve its status. In actual situation, USA is excessively powerful. So World Party recommends that a resolution to reduce the power of USA should be made in the General Assembly. And also the system of veto of permanent member country must be abolished.

2. Economic System

World Parliament accepts both the liberalism and the communism. Both democratic country and communist country can send the representatives to the World Parliament if the representatives are directly elected by people. Even countries under dictatorship can send representatives as observers as written on the top page. As written above, World Party supports the liberal economic system.

International market is moving towards the globalization. So the situation of possession of monetary asset like cash, deposit, stocks and bonds, etc. should be seized clearly. So World Party recommends that a survey to seize the situation of possession of these assets should be implemented and the result should be published periodically. For example, in the market of foreign exchange, every day a great deal of transactions are made. But we cannot know who are the owners of those money. Same thing can be said about the stocks and bonds. The situation of possession of these assets should be seized clearly.

3. Diplomacy of Japan

Diplomacy of Japan must be said the policy of colony of USA. Especially, Japan obeys USA with regard to the trade between Japan and USA. USA often requires Japan to improve the balance of current account. But, since Commodore Perry came to Japan in 1853 and required to open the country until recently, the income level of Japanese economy had been much lower than that of USA. It is quite recently that Japanese economy has reached mostly equal level to USA. Until then Japanese worked very hard and did not expect economic aid from USA except the period immediately after the World War II.. Therefore there is no humane and theoretical reason that USA requires Japan to concede for the American economy. There are many extremely poor countries in the world and several hundred million people are suffering from famine. Japan is assisting some of those countries and is the biggest donor of economic aid in the world. But Japan does no have enough power to take care of all of those countries. It is quite arrogant that rich country like USA requires the concession from Japan. If USA suffers from a economic difficulty such as high unemployment rate, USA should conquer it by its own effort. Since American Continent was discovered by Columbus in 1492, the Continent has been developed by the effort of people living there. It is the result of competition that USA had outrun European countries and that there are still many poor countries in the world. So USA should solve this kind of problem by competition. Sometimes USA and some European countries criticize that Japanese work too hard. But this is fundamentally wrong. In the world as a whole, there are many poor countries although people are working very hard. Some rich countries criticize that Japanese work too hard because they do not want to loose their superiority in the world. But the world as a whole is very poor, so people must work hard as much as possible. Only exceptionally rich countries can say that Japanese work too hard. If USA wants to improve the trade balance, it should take the policy for that. For example, if workers work with lower wage, the prices of products decline, and the import decreases and the export increases. But USA unreasonably requires Japan to concede. Or we can say that Japan's diplomacy is too weak. USA is a country which European people, mainly Anglo-Saxon people, developed massacring native people. And European people abducted and brought many native people from Africa and used them as slaves. They whipped slaves who do not obey the order and make them obey the order. They require Japan the concession. And if Japan does not accept it, they suggest the sanction. It is essentially same as the way they used against slaves. These are nothing but the tyranny of super power.

If Japan does not accept the requirement of USA, USA suggests the sanction. So Japan has been accepting many requirements from USA. But Japan should not give up the dignity of independent country to avoid the sanction. Japan assists USA blindly and so it strengthens the power of USA in the international society and allows more and more the tyranny of USA. Japan should not obey USA for the benefits of Japan only. Or we can say that politicians should not obey USA to get the support of USA. Present Japanese politicians must be said the house dogs of USA. They are same as cunning and shameless groups in a colony which tried to win a favor of ruling state. Japan must not forget that some European countries colonialized many Asian and African countries. Population and GDP of Japan are mostly half of USA. Japan is strong enough to maintain the dignity of independent country against USA. If Japan definitely condemns the tyranny of USA from the standpoint of humanity and justice, USA will reduce its power. It will verify the true power of Japan and will become the benefits of Japan also in the long-run. So Japan should abolish the US-Japan Security Treaty and should respect the resolution of the General Assembly.

If Japan establishes the truly democratic country as written above, respects the United Nations, declares not to intervene into Taiwan issue as far as the United Nations does not require it, and declares again that Japan will never invade foreign countries, Japan can be trusted by foreign countries including China, Russia, North Korea and South Korea. So far, nuclear umbrella of USA has been necessary. But now, Russia is not the threat to Japan. China is not invading South East Asian countries and Philippine which are not under the nuclear umbrella. If Japan is trusted by foreign countries and foreign countries declare not to invade Japan, Japan needs not have nuclear weapons. With regard to North Korea, China and Russia will push North Korea not to have the nuclear weapons. But in the present situation, it is impossible to remove the nuclear umbrella by USA because political situation may change in the future. Namely, in the future Japan may be attacked if there is no nuclear umbrella. So it will be possible to remove the nuclear umbrella after the World Federation or World Government is established.

Therefore, the establishment of democracy and freedom of speech is not only a domestic policy but also an international policy.

4. Korean Peninsula

Both for Japan and for the world, the problem of Korean peninsula is important. With regard to the unification of Korean peninsula, World Party proposes a unification election. The unification election is not easy because of conflict of interests. The first reason which prevents the unification election is that northern side will not agree to the unification election because if the peninsula is unified the leaders of North Korea such as Secretary General Kim Jong-Il will be punished. So, a concession like a kind of judicial transaction will be effective. Namely, it is to definitely prescribe that any political crime before the unification is not punished and social status and assets are assured even if the peninsula is unified. Even if the crimes are not punished, it is not the important problem as compared with the benefits of unification. World Party proposes to promote the unification election by offering the condition like this. In case of South Africa, this kind of amnesty was accepted. Namely, many crimes in the age of Apartheid were amnestied.

With regard to the case of kidnaping of Japanese by North Korea, we should not try to solve this problem by the force of Japanese only. Japan should appeal to the United Nations. Japan is offering the great amount of funds to international organizations including the United Nations.

5. Nuclear Policy

World Party does not adopt the policy of possessing nuclear arms. This is because the problem of nuclear arms is automatically solved by the establishment of World Federation or World Government. When India and Pakistan implemented the nuclear test, Government of Japan took sanctions against them. But when USA implemented the sub critical nuclear test,Government of Japan did not even condemn it. Although USA has the best nuclear technology in the world, USA implemented the sub critical nuclear test in order to raise their superiority in the international society insisting that the test does not violate CTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty). Therefore, USA should be condemned much more than India and Pakistan. CTBT seems to be a peaceful policy in a sense. But the nuclear state has a superiority over the non-nuclear state. Therefore, the policy to ban the nuclear test maintaining this superiority-inferiority relation is nothing but the policy to maintain the superiority of nuclear state. While India insisted that CTBT is an unequal treaty, India was correct in this point. If USA implements the nuclear test, Government of Japan should take sanctions such as non-buying of the national bond of USA.

6. Diplomacy for Arabian Countries

Japan should make its standpoint clear with regard to the policy of USA in the Arabian countries also. USA does not leave Saudi Arabia though the Gulf War had finished. There is a huge oil interests in Arabian countries, so USA is intervening in this area. USA is sweet to Israel while it is strict against Iraq and tried to bomb Iraq without the resolution of United Nations. Fundamental cause of terrorism against USA is in these policy of USA itself. Also these policy are the tyranny of super power. Japan must recognize that Japan's blind assist to USA is enhancing these tyranny.

7. Judicial Power

In July 1998, the treaty of ICC (International Criminal Court) was adopted in the Diplomatic Conference in Rome. ICC is going to be born in the near future. But there is another vision for judicial power. This idea is to vest the judicial power to the World Parliament. The target of this judicial power is mainly the organizations in the underground world like Mafia. In ordinary system of the division of the three powers of administration, legislation, and judicature, these organization cannot be judged as guilty without definite evidence. So there exist many organizations of this kind in the world. But this can be judged by the truly democratic world government. For example, if an organization of this kind exists and is committing crimes obviously, the World Parliament takes up this organization as a case to be judged. If the organization is judged as guilty by vote, the Parliament orders the members of organization to quit the organization. If the member does not obey this order, he is arrested and judged at the court. Even if he joins another organization or establishes a new organization, he is arrested and judged. But also the accuseds have human rights. They cannot change their job so easily. So they should be given time for it. For example, this law should be applied for only a certain age group. For example, at first, this law can be applied for only the age group below 15 years old. Next year, the law is applied for the age group below 16 years old. In this way, after some years, every people will be covered by this law. Or certain period, for example 10 years, should be given to those judged guilty. Then they can change their job within 10 years.

This kind of judicial power is very dangerous in some cases because this power can be exercised against political opponents. So this kind of judicial power is possible only after the truly democratic world government is established and the war is terminated completely.

This idea of judicial power is just an idea. This must be considered and discussed by many people.

8. Mahatma Gandhi Initiative

Mahatma Gandhi led India to independence by the policy of Non-Violence & Disobedience. This policy is applicable to the present situation of world politics. Nuclear states are dominant because of their military power. But non-nuclear states need not rely on the military power. Non-nuclear states can unite and put sanctions against nuclear-states. For example, non-nuclear states can put high tariff rate barrier against nuclear states. Or, they can boycott the products from the nuclear-states. Like this, non-nuclear states can, by uniting together, insist their opinion against nuclear-states. So this policy was named, with the respect for Mahatma Gandhi, "Mahatma Gandhi Initiative." Of course, Mahatma Gandhi Initiative is applicable not only for the nuclear states but also for other militarily or economically powerful states. For example, if some countries attack other countries without resolution of United Nations, products from those countries should be boycotted or trade should be restricted by tariff barrier by the Mahatma Gandhi Initiative.