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Application Form

Word Government Institute, World Party, and World Citizen Network are inviting members. Anyone who want to establish the World Government can join us and member fee is free. Please read following principle and apply. There are 3 application forms below.

1. Member can found a branch. At present, one branch is allowed in one country.

2. Name and address of applicants are, in principle, published in the member lists. But it is unpublished, if desired. If there is no branch in applicant's country, new branch is founded. So the name and address must be published. But, if it is dangerous to publish the  name and address due to the situation of country, new branch can be founded without publishing the name and address.

3. Branch of World Party is a member of World Citizen Network. But other organizations and individuals can join World Citizen Network.

Down load one of the three files below, fill the form, and send it to us, E-MAIL (

TXT FILE (form.txt)

PDF FILE (form.pdf)