World Government Movement in Japan

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1 World Government Institute

The World Government Institute is dedicated to the establishment of world government. For more detail, please see the home page.

2 World Party

World Party is an international party to establish the World Government. For more detail, please see the home page.

3 World Citizen Network

This is a network for individuals and organizations which aims to establish the world government by the help of political party. For more detail, please see the home page.

4 World Federalist Movement Japan (WFM JAPAN)

This is a Japanese chapter of World Federalist Movement (WFM) and, in Japanese, called "Sekai Rempo Undo Kyokai." This organization was established in 1948. Now it has 68 branches and 5,000 members in it. And it is, with other 6 organizations, forming a Japanese coalition for the world federation.


Nationwide primary and junior high school contest of poster and essay for the promotion of World Federation. In 1996 fiscal year, 5,700 posters from 283 schools and 1300 essays from 107 schools participated.

World federation movement to donate 10 yen every day.

World federation movement of declaring World Federation City. Twenty-eight prefectures and 348 cities, wards, towns, and villages have already declared the World Federation Peace Autonomous Body.

World Federation Japan National Diet Committee. In February 19997, it has 117 members from Lower and Upper house of National Diet. They are making effort to pass the "World Federation National Diet Declaration Resolution" which makes the establishment of World Federation one of the diplomatic policy of Japan.

World Federation Music Festival

World Federation General Meeting in Japan. Every year, 7 World Federation related organizations organize a general meeting in various parts of Japan, promote the diffusion of thought of World Federation, and stimulate the public opinion.

Seminar for International Criminal Court (ICC).

5 Japan as a Whole

Most people do not know World Government Institute, World Party, World Citizen Party Network, and WFM JAPAN. But recently, some related sites have appeared in Japan. They are shown in LINKS. In the National Diet, there is an effort to to pass the "World Federation National Diet Resolution" which makes the establishment of World Federation as Japan's diplomatic policy.